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As I watch this mess at the Capitol.  If that was a gathering of black people every military & police unit would be there shooting taking lives, tear gas, dogs & guns.  As I watched at 12:51pm a senator said when asked why police didn’t take control, his response was that police were told not to use lethal force because the damage done to the capitol is repairable, but we can’t bring back lives.

They were also instructed if no guns were seen not to take any action.  Well go figure these people now have access to all types of information. They have broken doors, windows, & have access to privileged
information. He said they figured material things like the building can be replaced, but not lives. This was by Rep. Buck republican said to Fox News!

I’m saying that’s what we black people have been saying all of our lives.  Why must police shoot to kill black men & women.  Lives can not be rebuilt after it, life has been taken. Lives can not be repaired after lives have been taken.  Material things can be repaired, but not lives.  No matter how you say it.  

The way that America feels today at the overtaking of the Capitol is how we Black Americans feel every day, second, minute, moment of our lives.

I have seen more action taken against people protesting in Oakland than this criminal activity against the government.

If it had been us we would be hanged from the pillars and rafters in the Capitol.  I know that sounds gross, but it is the truth.

I could say a lot more but I’m thinking why.  We all know why we black people are treated the way we are.  Racism is still alive and well, and this hate is Supreme  in the hearts, minds, and souls of a lot of people who run this not only country, but this world.


By: Iris Corina | Wayfinder Fellow

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