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I live in West Oakland Ca an area where homelessness unemployment and just plain devastation is experienced 24-7-365 days a year.

I have many concerns, however, at this time I’m concerned about people in my community, in the world, who are not college bound for one reason or another.  

I wonder if finding a solution to unemployment, homelessness the lack of education & many other challenges Is really what is sort by government.

In 1971 if you weren’t able to go to college you could attend The East Bay Skill Center for training in many areas of work.

Funding was cut, next came The Bay Area Urban League in 1979’s-1980’s, where welfare receipts were introduced the mag card II for computer training, both places taught how to complete a job application, pass an interview, balance a check book and other skills.

It was a state funded program.  I received training for a bank teller & office skills.  I was on welfare & it was offered to help me get off of welfare.

I had 2 children, & no college degree, so transportation & childcare was paid for by the state.

Because of this training I eventually worked for the State of Calif. For approximately 32 years in many positions. My last employment was with The Department of Fair Employment & Housing as (DFEH) a consultant/investigator of discrimination in employment, DMV, & EDD.  My most rewarding position was with The DFEH, & now I know why, because I am a community activist.  I learned this from The Wayfinder Foundation.  No joke.

I wish I could convince the powers that be that The East Bay Skill Center, & the Bay Area Urban League, would be beneficial to reduce unemployment, Welfare, homelessness and much more support to families.

Our children are blinded by computers, & what they see on TV.  They are graduating from High School unable to write or read cursive, many are in college today failing because they were not provided with a proper education that many of us paid for by way of taxes.

The current virus has brought awareness re. unemployment, lack of money, housing, medical care etc.  We have been experiencing all of the above for decades!

How about finding trillions of $$$$ to stop our epidemic.

People of color have experienced this devastation since before we were transported here.

I’ve heard it said that things that we are exposed to certain challenges, it’s because they ( people of color) are lazy , and want a hand-out, but when it effects other races it News especially if it effects non-people of color.

We go to jail for having or selling a $5. Match box of weed, while others make Trillions of $ for selling billions of lbs of the same thing.

Okay I got it out!  Some times I feel powerless to help our people.  I’m really happy that The Wayfinder Foundation has provided this opportunity to express & release & hopefully find a way to make some changes in this world for our people. I’d like to leave a legacy of activism. 

I shared a dinner with a senator from Sacramento At the time we discussed my point of view re the pandemic before COVID.

The result was no result.  I told him that more 💰💴💵 would be helpful.  

Thanks again for your encouragement & the opportunity to express my thoughts.

I didn’t count the words, but wanted to get it out.

Iris Corina | Wayfinder Fellow

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